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Town Hall Recap

Last Wednesday, we held our first community town hall where we discussed topics such as Extra Life, dedicated game servers, community game night, and future goals. This post is a summary of those discussions.

Extra Life 2020: It’s an understatement that 2020 did not turn out how most of us had imagined it would. Covid-19 has made us re-think how we can still, as a team, host an Extra Life Game Day Marathon event while remaining in the comforts of our own homes. Similar to last year’s event, we plan to have 4-5 “group events” where anyone can join in on internet-based multiplayer games. Keeping in-line with our community game night requirements, the games will be free to play, or extremely budget-friendly as well as support 6+ players. Some of the suggested games are Valorant (custom matches), BlackWake, Jackbox party packs, CS:GO, etc… If you have suggestions for games that meet the criteria, please drop us a note! We would love to add games for both Game Day as well as community game nights!

Also like last year, we will be broadcasting a “DEFCON 1 Gaming Game Day” feed that features team members in their pursuit of reaching their Game Day goal. Details on how we plan to capture your gaming will be released closer to game day. We will be relying heavily on Discord to arrange for both group events and team member highlights. 

Despite the on-going pandemic, we have already raised over 10% of our $10k goal, and are very excited for the November 7th Game Day! If you have not already signed up for the 2020 Extra Life campaign, go HERE and start raising money for sick and injured kids! Once you have registered, be sure to join team DEFCON 1 Gaming

Dedicated Game Servers: With a recent infrastructure reset, we are ready to begin hosting dedicated game servers! We currently host the following: Ark Survival Evolved, ECO, BlackWake, Space Engineers, Empyrion, & ArmA 3. We now offer the ability to host game servers for community members so long as they represent our community and maintain our community rules. ArmA 3 is an example of the new service. If there are current or future games that you would like for us to host, please reach out to us! We would love to expand our server offerings! 

Community Game Night: I’m sure by now you have heard about our community game nights being advertised on our discord server. If not; here’s the deal: Approximately every-other-week, we dedicate one night to a community gaming event. In the past, we have played games like Space Engineers, ECO, BlackWake, & Unturned. These are a great way to introduce yourself to other community members as well as participate in some much-needed socialization activities during a pandemic :). As mentioned above, we are always looking for game suggestions for community night! 

This brings us to the last topic: The Future of DEFCON 1 Gaming. We are a growing community of gamers and we need your help! If you enjoy the environment or servers that we provide, please consider telling your friends about us! We would love to have more folks join in on the fun! If you come across a way to get our name/mission out there – let us know! The easiest way to point gamers to our discord is by our vanity URL (DC1Discord.com). Thank you for being a member of our community!