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Giving back to the community

DEFCON 1 believes in giving back to our community. 2019 will be our third year hosting a charity Local Area Network (LAN) party where PC, console, and boardgamers unite in a 24 hour gaming marathon benefitting Children's Miracle Network hospitals. Hosting LAN parties is nothing new to us. We've come a long way from hosting 10 person LAN's in our parent's basements to now hosting events that support up to 150+ PC, console, and board gamers. Every year we have doubled our player size as well as funding raised for charitable organizations.

The most important reason why we get together twice a year is not for us but for all the sick and injured kiddos at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon & St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Extra Life is a fund benefiting over 170 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® across the US and we are fortunate in St. Louis to have two of those hospitals. Since 2008 Extra Life has raised more than $40 million dollars to help provide expensive equipment for hospitals and help cover the costs of expensive procedures that some parents simply can’t afford. Last year in St. Louis alone, Extra Life raised $106,916. Each member of our team sets a personal fundraising goal for the year, and Game Day is the best opportunity to fulfill or exceed that amount.

Building Community

We are NOT a clan. We are a community. There are no applications to fill out and no status requirements to join. Our rules are simple - Don't be toxic. racism & bigotry are not tolerated here. Our game servers are open to everyone and participating in our community discord server is encouraged. If you are new to our group - welcome! We specialize in hosting cooperative survival game servers, however, if you play a game that has a dedicated server component, and we do not currently host an instance for this game, let us know and as long as it does not require a lot of hand-holding, there's a good chance we will host it for you!