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Twice a year, members of our gaming community come together and rage into the darkness of night and rise with the sun to victory. Playing video games for 24 hours straight is not for the weak. It takes a special gamer (and lots of caffeine) to endure the gauntlet that is a LAN party, while for those that like casino games visiting the true fortune casino can be the best choice for them. Full Clip Gaming aims to provide the best experience for PC gamers at our LAN events. If you have two massive monitors and a PC that borderline requires a nuclear reactor to power – we got you. If you are a streamer that demands all the bitrates – we got you. If you have what it takes to battle the sandman and game till’ sunrise, consider joining us this November for our Autumn LAN event!


The most important reason why we get together twice a year is not for us but for all the sick and injured kiddos at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon & St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Extra Life is a fund benefiting over 170 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® across the US and we are fortunate in St. Louis to have two of those hospitals. Since 2008 Extra Life has raised more than $40 million dollars to help provide expensive equipment for hospitals and help cover the costs of expensive procedures that some parents simply can’t afford. Last year in St. Louis alone, Extra Life raised $86,000. Each member of our team sets a personal fundraising goal for the year, and Game Day is the best opportunity to fulfill or exceed that amount. While it’s not required to join team Full Clip Gaming we do hope that would consider joining forces to reach our team goal of $4,000.

Event Sponsors


When picking a location to host a LAN party, there are several factors that need to be considered such as power demand, Internet connection speeds, accessibility, even environmental concerns such as heating, air conditioning and cleanliness. The Den (Located at 711 North 13th Street, St. Louis MO) meets and exceeds these requirements. The Den hosts multiple charity events throughout the year such as Harry Potter and Star Wars Trivia nights as well as provides a delightful atmosphere for its members. If a break from PC gaming is necessary, there are several analog games like ping pong, billiards and even bocce ball that allow for a mental reset before going back into battle with your keyboard and mouse. We are super grateful that The Den has donated this space to us for a second year.


No FAQ ever answers all questions. We’ve tried our best to answer the most common questions below. If your question is not answered in the following tiles, please reach out to us on our Discord server (link below registration).

Whats the cost of entry for this event?

This is a charity event. As such, we do not request a registration fee. Our  event sponsors have generously provided the space and equipment to support all attendees. That being said, our events are typically $25 – so if you’re feeling generous, consider a $25 contribution towards your Extra Life funding goal!

This event is in downtown St. Louis. Is downtown safe?

Whether you live in St. Charles County, St. Louis County or St. Louis City, criminals are everywhere and look for people not paying attention to their surroundings. Do not leave valuable items in your car.  Secure indoor parking is available at a discounted price. If you do not feel safe walking from the event space to your vehicle, locate an admin and we will happily escort you to your vehicle.

Will food and refreshments be provided?

Full Clip Gaming will provide a good variety of snacks (chips/donuts/muffins/granola bars)  and refreshments (water/energy drinks/sodas). We will have a suggested price per-item with an honor system cash box. In the past, attendees have gone in together to order pizza or burgers from local eatery’s.

Am I required to stay for the full 24 hours?

although the true experience is only achieved when participating in the entire 24 hours, things happen and may require you to exit pre-24 hours. Please note that the Secure Indoor parking is locked and will be inaccessible from 12:00am – 7:00am

Is streaming my game-play required?

Nope! That being said, this is a fundraising event, so live streams certainly help in your efforts to get closer to your fundraising goal. Friends and family that have pledged money to your campaign would love to see you playing!

What should I bring with me to this LAN? What will be provided by the sponsors?

You are allowed to bring whatever will fit in a 4ft x 2.5ft space (see prohibited items below).This would include gaming chair and streaming equipment. Prohibited items:More than one surge strip, anything that clamps to the tables (microphone booms), speakers, pets, unattended children.